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Testimonials 12

Personally, I’ve never used a travel agent for any of my trips but this was the first time I did and it was a smooth process. Megan was super thorough, patient (because we were lagging towards the end slightly) and just all around excellent in her approach! She asked my boyfriend and I all kinds of questions to gauge what my boyfriend and I liked and things we’d want to do while on vacation! We were kind of all over the place but she was excellent in providing nothing but the best service!

Once everything was booked for our trip, she gave us a folder with all of the information we’d need. She was readily available in case we needed her for anything but we tried not to bother after all the hard work she put into our trip.

I’d totally book another trip, if not all, with Megan! One of the most organized travel agents I know!


 I would recommend this agent to my family and friends.

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